How To Unlock Higher Hemp Discounts

We need your help to get the word out about Higher Hemp’s CBD products. If you find our products and services valuable, we’ve created a few ways you can help us out while earning discounts and even free products!

Unlock Higher Hemp Discounts!

  • First-time customers get 20% off! Simply use coupon code HH20 when you place your order.
  • Refer your friends! Every customer can sign up as a Higher Hemp referral partner. That means when you refer friends and family to us, they’ll get a 25% off coupon and you’ll earn $20 store credit. To get your referral shopping link, simply login to the “Loyalty Rewards Program” below, copy your referral link, and share it via text, email, or social media post.
  • Write reviews about Higher Hemp! Your reviews are super important to us. Not only do they let us know how we’re doing and how your experience is with our products, but they also help us reach more customers. We’ve decided to award our customers with store credit for writing us reviews.
    • Google review = $10 store credit
    • Leafly review = $10 store credit
    • Facebook review = $10 store credit

You can use the Loyalty Rewards Program below to start writing reviews.

Login below to get started earning Higher Hemp discounts: