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Grand daddy purple cbd flower

Calm Your Mind and Soul with Our Birthday Cake CBD Flower

CBD flower strains One of the many CBD flower strains we’re excited about is called Birthday Cake CBD. The Birthday Cake strain is a perfect example of the ingenuity of
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CBD hemp blunt

CBD Blunts For Pandemic Peace and Pleasure

Blunts have been a pop culture icon for decades. Packing several times the amount of weed with a slower burn time, they are a favorite among veteran marijuana smokers. Traditionally,
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CBD for Pets

Benefits of CBD For Pets

The Health Benefits of CBD For Pets: What Does The Research Say? As CBD flower shops and CBD oil vendors become more and more ubiquitous in cities across the country,
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CBG Hemp Flower Will Be The Next CBD Craze

CBG Flower Will Be The Next CBD Craze

CBG Hemp Flower Will Be The Next CBD Craze. Here’s Why…. The marijuana legalization and decriminalization efforts that have spread across the country in the last few years obviously marked
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The Era of Legal Top Shelf Cannabis and CBD Distillate

The overturning of draconian marijuana laws in the last decade is one of the great criminal justice stories of the 21st century. While the legal journey still has more progress
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CBD for Coronavirus

An Israeli Hospital Is Testing a CBD Treatment for Coronavirus Patients

CBD for Coronavirus? An Israeli investigation at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv will look at the effect of cannabis compound CBD on Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, according to Jewish Press. The
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